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Viosil Optical Windows

Viosil optical windows are made from synthetic quartz and offer a less costly alternative to fused silica windows. They are used in a wide variety of applications from the deep UV to the NIR and offer the following advantages:

  • High transmission from the deep UV through most of the NIR
  • A low coefficient of thermal expansion offering outstanding thermal resistance
  • No fluorescence over a wide range of wavelengths in the UV to IR
  • Chemically resistant to a variety of solvents
  • Exceptional surface quality with little to no internal defects
  • Excellent material for applications .250” thick or below

Due to the above properties, Viosil windows can be used to fabricate both optical windows and optical mirrors. It is often selected for its affordability, lack of internal defects, and ease of accessibility. The disadvantage of Viosil is that it is not available in thicknesses over 0.250 inches.

Advanced Optics carries Viosil in various thicknesses (.250” thick and below) and stocks optical windows in-house, allowing for fast turnaround. For further technical information, view our Viosil Tech Data Sheet.

Advanced Optics stocks Viosil windows, carries sheets of raw material in-house, and has the capability to:

  • Fabricate custom shapes and sizes
  • Achieve parallelism of < 2 arc seconds
  • Drill holes, notch glass, and provide custom bevels
  • Polish glass down to 3mm in diameter and 0.5mm thick
  • Modify and resurface customer-supplied material
  • Precision polish optics with non-standard aspect ratios
  • Provide broadband AR coatings for the visible spectrum as well as custom coatings

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Advanced Optics offers personalized service; saving you time and money by helping you select the best option for your application.

All Advanced Optics optical windows are manufactured in the USA. Whether you require a single optic or production quantities, let Advanced Optics be your trusted partner – You can depend on our 100% outgoing inspection, on-time delivery, and unmatched customer service at competitive prices.

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