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Round optical mirrors are produced using different materials, which vary based on their intended use. Advanced Optics produces round optical mirrors using BOROFLOAT® 33, SUPREMAX® 33, and fused silica in-house. We also stock a variety of other optical glass materials, including N-BK7, Viosil, Zerodur, and Quartz, for fast turnaround on your unique project.

Our in-stock optical mirrors are aluminum coated with a protective SiO overcoat. We offer custom coatings tailored to your requirements, as well as enhanced Al, silver, and gold coatings.

In addition, our in-stock mirrors are available precision polished to either λ/4, λ/10, or λ/20. They are also available uncoated for use as windows or flats.

Target Grade - made of low-expansion borosilicate glass, which provides low thermal expansion, high thermal resistance, excellent light transmission, and impressive chemical durability.

Interferometer Grade - made of synthetic fused silica which provides superior transmission characteristics, a high degree of purity, exceptional environmental durability, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

ZERODUR® - made of a glass-ceramic material which is thermally more stable than fused silica.


Target Grade Specifications:

  • S1: Flatness specified at 633nm
  • 60/40 scratch/dig, except where noted
  • S2: Fine ground
  • Diameter: +/-1.0mm
  • Thickness: +/-1.0mm
  • Material: Low expansion borosilicate glass
  • * Standard 80/50 scratch/dig
Diameter Thickness Flatness Flatness
25.4mm 6.35mm λ/4 λ/10
50.8mm 9.5mm λ/4 λ/10
76.2mm 12.7mm λ/4 λ/10
101.6mm 15.9mm λ/4 λ/10
*152.4mm 25.4mm λ/4 λ/10
*203.0mm 33.8mm λ/4 λ/10

Interferometer Grade Specifications:

  • S1: Flatness specified at 633nm
  • 60/40 scratch/dig
  • S2: Fine ground
  • Diameter: +/-0.5mm
  • Thickness: +/-0.5mm
  • Material: Fused silica


Please call for a prompt quote on your specifications.

Diameter Thickness Flatness Flatness
25.4mm 12.7mm λ/10 λ/20
50.8mm 15.9mm λ/10 λ/20
76.2mm 15.9mm λ/10 λ/20
101.6mm 19.1mm λ/10 λ/20
127.0mm 19.1mm λ/10 λ/20
152.4mm 25.4mm λ/10 λ/20

In addition to our in-stock mirrors, Advanced Optics provides custom fabrication and free engineering services. We have the capability to provide custom shapes, apply bevels and even drill holes to meet your unique application. Need a custom coating? No problem.

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