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Precision Grade optical windows are used in variety of industries to separate two different environments while allowing light to pass through. For over 50 years, Advanced Optics has provided custom and off-the-shelf precision polished optical windows used in the aerospace industry, military and commercial avionics fields, scientific and medical instrumentation, academics and research, as well as in industrial applications.

Advanced Optics manufactures precision grade optical windows of various shapes, dimensions and finishes designed to meet your exact application. Our precision optical windows are polished to either λ/4, λ/10 or λ/20 and are offered either uncoated or with MgF2 or BBAR coating. Custom coatings available upon request.

Optical Window Substrates

Our optical windows are made of a variety of substrates to suit your application including:

Advanced Optics carries an extensive stock of raw materials for the fastest response time possible. We have the ability to cut and shape any of the glasses above as well as provide off-the-shelf precision polished optical windows for immediate shipment. Our skilled team of craftsman have the ability to:

  • Maintain parallelism of < 2 arc seconds
  • Design and supply custom coatings
  • Modify customer supplies substrates
  • Polish parts with non-standard aspect ratios
  • Drill custom holes and provide custom bevels
  • Provide surface quality of 10-5 scratch and dig

Fused Silica Technical Data Sheet from Corning IncorporatedFused Silica Technical Data Sheet from Corning Incorporated (pdf)


In addition to our in-stock round optical windows, Advanced Optics has the capability to manufacturer square and rectangular windows as well. We have the capability to provide custom shapes, apply bevels and even drill holes to meet your unique application.

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