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Optical Filters

Advanced Optics custom fabricates optical filters providing a full range of solutions for managing specific wavelengths of light in the UV-VIS-NIR spectra. Our optical filters may be used in a wide variety of optical systems in industries such as defense, life sciences, medical imaging, aerospace, and industrial applications. Some of the most common applications include fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, machine vision inspection, surveillance, clinical chemistry and sensors and detectors.

While optical filters are selected based on the specific wavelengths of light they transmit/block and for the specific application in which they will be used, they can be broadly classified into three main types:

     1.  Colored glass filters that absorb specific wavelengths of light.
     2.  Dichroic filters which reflect specific wavelengths of light.
     3.  Neutral density filters that attenuate (reduce) incident light equally.

All of the above filters allow light not absorbed or reflected to pass through.

High-Performance Optical Filters for Sophisticated Systems

Advanced Optics custom manufactures and coats optical filters to meet your exact specifications including:

  • Colored Glass Absorptive Filters
  • Dichroic Filters
  • Absorptive and Metallic Neutral Density Filters
  • Long Pass Optical Filters
  • Short Pass Optical Filters
  • Hot Mirrors
  • Cold Mirrors

Optical Filter Manufacturing Capabilities

Custum Optical Filters

How to Order Optical Filters

Because optical filters are a very specialized service, a shopping cart purchase is not available. To request a quote or order optical filters, please fill out our Request a Quote form or call us directly at (262) 548-1155.

For an in-depth description of each optical filter listed on this page, please visit our Optical Filter Technical page.

Filter Type





Colored Glass Filters All Schott and Hoya filters λ/4 and λ/10 Down to 3mm in size and .15mm thick. Maximize size of readily available blank is a 165mm square and 4-5mm thick Custom sizes, shapes and thicknesses available
Dichroic Filters (Long pass, short pass, hot mirrors and cold mirrors) Fused silica, BOROFLOAT®33, N-BK7®, B270® λ/4, λ/10 and λ/20 Down to 3mm in size and .15mm thick Custom sizes, shapes and coatings available
Neutral Density Filters All Schott and Hoya filters as well as polished Fused silica, BOROFLOAT®33, N-BK7®, B270® λ/4 and λ/10 Down to 3mm in size and .15mm thick. Maximum size of readily available absorptive neutral density filter blank is a 165mm square and 4-5mm thick. All others available per request, raw material may be available in-house. Custom sizes, shapes, thicknesses and coatings available

Specifying the Correct Optical Filter

Optical filters are classified by their construction, which determines the way they filter light. There are many types of absorptive and reflective filters and careful selection should be based on the specific application in which they will be used. One should consider the following when selecting an optical filter for a specific application: wavelength range of interest as well as cut-on and cut-off properties, AOI of incoming light, energy of incoming light and operating environment.

Whether your application requires an absorptive filter, dichroic filter or neutral density filter, carefully considering your requirements is critical. Specific consideration should be given to the physical size, shape and tolerances of the substrate as tighter tolerances may require additional manufacturing which can add cost. The same applies to the surface quality of the filter which is expressed by a scratch and dig number. The lower the scratch and dig number, the more potential there is for a reduction in yield which drives up the cost of the filter.

Selecting the proper optical filter for your application is essential to saving manufacturing time, which translates to reduced costs. Advanced Optics can help you define your requirements.

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