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Our rectangle mirrors are manufactured from either BOROFLOAT® 33 or SUPREMAX® 33, which provide low thermal expansion, high thermal resistance, and impressive chemical durability. Advanced Optics rectangular optical mirrors are polished to λ/4 to meet a variety of demanding applications. Our rectangle mirrors are coated with aluminum and SiO for protection. They're also available uncoated.

Many of our rectangular optical mirrors are available in stock for immediate shipment. See a list of our optical mirrors below:


Rectangular Optical Mirror Specifications:

  • S1: λ/4 at 633nm
  • 60/40 scratch/dig
  • S2: Fine ground
  • Dimensions: +/-0.25mm
  • Thickness: +0.5mm
  • Material: Low expansion borosilicate glass

Custom Rectangular Optical Mirrors

Should one of our in-stock rectangular mirrors not meet your needs, Advanced Optics can help. Our team of highly skilled engineers can help you to design a custom optical mirror that meets your exact requirements.

In addition to our in stock mirrors, Advanced Optics provides custom fabrication and free engineering services. We have the capability to provide custom shapes, apply bevels and even drill holes to meet your unique application. Need a custom coating? No problem.

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