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OVERRUN Optical Mirrors

We invite you to browse our current selection of overrun optical mirrors, which have the same superior quality as our in-stock optical mirrors, but at a discounted price.

Size Material Accuracy Coating
4" dia. +/- .010 x 1/2" thick Borosilicate Glass λ/4 @ 632.8nm AlSiO
.750" x .750" +/- .010 x 1/8" thick Soda Lime Glass 1-3 waves per inch AlSiO

In addition to our overrun and in-stock optical mirrors, Advanced Optics offers custom fabrication and free engineering services. We have the capability to provide custom shapes, apply bevels and even drill holes to meet your unique application.

Mirror Applications:

Advanced Optics optical mirrors are excellent performers in aerospace, military and commercial avionics, scientific and medical instrumentation, academics and research, as well as industrial applications. Whether you require custom optical fabrication or one of our many off-the-shelf optical mirrors, let us provide you with a competitive quote today!

Overrun Optical Mirrors

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