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Our λ/20 optical windows are manufactured from synthetic fused silica which provides:

  • A high degree of purity
  • Superior environmental durability
  • A low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Outstanding resistance to thermal shock
  • Excellent transmission from the UV to the NIR
  • Exceptional hardness for demanding applications reqiring a high degree of flatness

Due to the above characteristics, fused silica windows are used in many industries including aerospace, astronomy, military and commercial avionics, medical and scientific instrumentation, academics and research, as well as industrial applications. In addition, they are an excellent choice for laser applications, spectroscopy, photolithography, vacuum windows, and many other numerous applications.

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λ/20 Fused Silica Optical Window Specifications:

Diameter 25.4mm +/- .254mm
Thickness (mm) 12.7mm +/- .254mm
Material Fused Silica
Side 1 and Side 2 1/10 Wave @ 632.8nm
Clear Aperture 90%
Scratch and Dig 40/20
Edges Ground/Light Seam
Coating Uncoated

In addition to our in-stock fused silica optical windows, Advanced Optics skilled team of craftsman can provide:

  • Parallelism of > 2 arc seconds
  • Scratch and Dig of 10-5
  • Modification of supplied substrates
  • Custom fabrication and free engineering services
  • Anti-reflective coatings including; BBAR, MgF2, and custom coatings

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