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Optical Lenses
and Convex/Concave Mirrors

Advanced Optics manufactures glass convex and concave lenses and mirrors from 6mm to 530mm that can be purchased either uncoated or with a variety of coatings for use in the UV-VIS-NIR spectrum. We carry a wide range of master test plates in-house, allowing us to provide custom manufactured commercial and precision grade lenses and mirrors at competitive prices with fast delivery.

Our skilled team has the ability to manufacture the following types of optical lenses:

  • Plano-Convex Lenses
  • Bi-Convex Lenses
  • Meniscus Lenses
  • Plano-Concave Lenses
  • Bi-Concave Lenses
  • Convex Mirrors
  • Concave Mirrors

Optical Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Fabricate both commercial and precision grade lenses from 6mm-530mm.
  • Manufacture both round and square configurations.
  • Furnish polished glass substrates such as; fused silica, BOROFLOAT®33, N-BK7®, B270®, high index glasses, and a wide range of Schott/Ohara glasses.
  • Offer substrates either uncoated or with a variety of reflective or antireflective coatings. Custom coatings available upon request.
  • Drill holes and notch glass.

Specifying the Correct Optical Lens or Convex/Concave Mirror

There are several factors to consider when designing an optical lens or convex/concave mirror for your system. Consideration of the following, as well as providing detailed information, will help to provide you with a prompt and competitive quotation.

  • Define the mechanical specifications and provide tolerances including those for edge thickness or center thickness.
  • Select a substrate appropriate for the application. This is especially important in lens design as the index of refraction of the substrate will affect how the optical lens focuses.
  • Determine the focal length or radius of curvature.
  • Specify the surface quality, also known as scratch and dig.
  • Indicate the required wedge or centration.
  • Provide coating requirements such as wavelength(s) of interest and percentage of reflectivity required.
optical lenses

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