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Our fused silica optical windows provide a complete range of solutions to optimize light transmission across the UV-VIS_NIR spectrum. Advanced Optics fused silica optical windows are available in stock or can be fully customized to meet your unique requirements. We offer plane-parallel, wedged, or spherical optical windows manufactured from various grades of fused silica in almost any configuration. Our optical windows are available for purchase, either uncoated or with anti-reflective coatings.

In-Stock Fused Silica Windows

Advanced Optics maintains a wide range of in-stock fused silica windows polished to either λ/10 or λ/20 as follows:

Optical Window Specifications:

Surface Accuracy: Double Sided Diameter Fused Silica (Thickness)
λ/20 (0.000001") 25.4 (1") 12.7 (1/2")
λ/10 (0.000002") 25.4 (1") 12.7 (1/2")
λ/20 (0.000001") 50.8 (2") 15.9 (5/8")
λ/10 (0.000002") 50.8 (2") 15.9 (5/8")
λ/20 (0.000001") 76.2 (3") 15.9 (5/8")
λ/10 (0.000002") 76.2 (3") 15.9 (5/8")
λ/20 (0.000001") 101.6 (4") 19.1 (3/4")
λ/10 (0.000002") 101.6 (4") 19.1 (3/4")
λ/20 (0.000001") 127 (5") 19.1 (3/4")
λ/10 (0.000002") 127 (5") 19.1 (3/4")
λ/20 (0.000001") 152.4 (6") 25.4 (1")
λ/10 (0.000002") 152.4 (6") 25.4 (1")
λ/20 (0.000001") 203.2 (8") 33.8 (1.33")
λ/10 (0.000002") 203.2 (8") 33.8 (1.33")

Fused Silica Technical Data Sheet from Corning IncorporatedFused Silica Technical Data Sheet from Corning Incorporated (pdf)

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Advanced Optics offers personalized service; saving you time and money by helping you select the best option for your application.

Optical Manufacturing Proficiencies

  • Optical windows made of low expansion BOROFLOAT® 33, B270, Viosil and N-BK7®
  • Parallelism < 2 arc seconds
  • Surface quality to 10/5
  • Uncoated windows
  • MgF2 and multilayer anti-reflective coatings, as well as custom coatings tailored to meet individual application requirements
  • A broad range of in-stock optical windows, as well as the capability to manufacture custom windows and prototypes

Fused Silica Window Applications

Fused silica windows are a clear choice for optical applications requiring:

  • A high degree of purity
  • Superior environmental durability
  • A low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Outstanding resistance to thermal shock
  • Excellent transmission from the UV to the NIR
  • Exceptional hardness for demanding applications which require a high degree of flatness

Due to these unique properties, fused silica windows are used in many industries including aerospace, astronomy, military and commercial avionics, medical and scientific instrumentation, academics and research, as well as industrial applications. They are an excellent choice for laser applications, spectroscopy, photolithography, vacuum windows, and many other numerous applications.

Please visit our Optical Window Design page for guidance on selecting the appropriate optical window for your application.

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Advanced Optics has the capability to manufacturer square and rectangular windows as well as the capability to provide custom shapes, apply bevels and even drill holes to meet your unique application.

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