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All Advanced Optics optical mirrors, flats and windows are available uncoated or with a variety of reflective, anti-reflective, and protective coatings to meet your specifications. Optical coatings can be varied to optimize performance over a variety of wavelengths.

Standard optical coatings include:

  • Bare Al (R > 90% .4-.7 microns)
  • AlSiO (R > 85% .4-.7 microns)
  • Enhanced Al (R > 95% .45-.65 microns)
  • UV Enhanced Al (R > 85% .2-.7 microns)
  • Bare Au (R > 95% .7 - 2 microns)
  • AuSiO (R > 97% .8-2 microns, R > 94% .7-.8 microns)
  • AgEnh (R > 97% .5-1.5 microns)
Optical Coatings capabilities

Standard AlSiO Coatings 400nm – 12um, Normal AOI and 45 Degrees

Standard AlSio Optical Coating

Standard Single Layer MgF2 Coating 400-700nm, Normal AOI

anti-reflective optical coatings

MgF2 at normal (8 degrees)
Ravg = 1.5% from 400-700nm
MgF2 coating can be customized to be centered between 193nm to 3000nm

Standard BBAR Coating 400-700nm, Normal AOI

BBAR optical coatings

Broadband AR at normal (8 degrees)
Ravg = .5% from 400nm-700nm
BBAR coating can be customized for any wavelength and angle of incidence to meet your requirements.

Custom V-coats can reduce reflection to .1 across a narrow wavelength region. Advanced Optics can optimize our V-coats for any wavelength and angle of incidence per your requirements.

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